CRSC Line – Cold Rolling, Straightening and Cutting process

Cold rolled and straightened reinforcing bars


Cold Rolling, Straightening and Cutting lines are designed to produce high resistance ribbed or smooth steel wire for concrete reinforcing elements in straightened bars. In addition, the lines can be equipped with automatic tying system or spoolers for compact coil production.

Tecnical Data

Wire quality

High Resistance reinforcing steel Class 500 A and Class 500 B (option Class 500 C)

Wire diameter range

4 – 16 mm

Bar length

1.2 m – 12 m (15 m at request)

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Final product



Main components of the line

Vertical Wire Rod Pay-Off System “VPS”

Tilting Fingers and Vertical payoff tower for wire rod uncoiling with diameter range from 6 mm to 16 mm

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Wire preparation unit “MDLD”

Compact unit including Descaling and Lubricating Device (option stretching device)…

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Mechanical Descaling “MD”

Descaling unit to remove the scale from the wire rod by means of alternating bending through a series of rolls…

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Lubricating Device “LD”

Wire rod lubricating unit with calcium-sodium stearate powder…

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Cold Rolling Cassettes CRC 25 / 30

Cold rolling units to reduce the wire diameter increasing its the mechanical resistance…

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Horizontal Pulling Block “HBB”

Pulling Block with horizontal capstan axis to pull the wire through the cold rolling cassettes…

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Straightening and cutting to length system “SC”

Straightening and cutting system for the production of bars…

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Bar Tying and Evacuation system “BTE”

Straightening and cutting system for the production of bars…

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