MDLV Line – Vertical Multidraft Drawing Line

Drawing / Rolling of wire for industrial applications


Multi drafts machines with vertical capstan axis for drawing / rolling of small diameters of low / medium carbon steel wire to be used for industrial purposes such as nails, galvanized wire, tying wire, etc. The wire can be coiled in spools or vertical stems.

Tecnical Data

Wire quality

Low / Medium carbon steel wire

Wire diameter range

1,2 – 8 mm

Spool / coil weight

0,8 ton to 2.5 ton

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Final product



Main components of the line

Vertical Wire Rod Pay-Off System mod. “VPS”

Tilting Fingers and Vertical payoff tower for wire rod uncoiling with diameter range from 5,5 mm to 9 mm…

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Vertical Multidraft Drawing Machine “MDV”

Multidraft drawing bench with vertical capstan’s axis to pull the wire through dies or micro rolling cassettes…

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Horizontal Spooler “HS”

Horizontal Spooler for fixed or collapsible spools with manual loading/unloading of spools…

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Horizontal Coiler “HC”

Horizontal Coiler (Dead Block) for wire coils in stems…

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