STR Line – Stretching / Respooling process

High ductility reinforcing wire


The new innovative Stretching / Respooling Lines are designed to produce High Resistance / High Ductility steel wire for concrete reinforcing elements. The Stretching / Respooling Line produces compact strapped coils through Automatic Spooler. The line includes the option to produce Cold Rolled Wire, too.

Tecnical Data

Wire quality

High Ductility reinforcing steel Class 500 B or Class 500 C for seismic areas

Wire diameter range

6 – 25 mm

Compact coil weight

1,8 ton to 8 ton (max. 10 ton)

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Final product



Main components of the line

Vertical Wire Rod Pay-Off System “VPS”

Tilting Fingers and Vertical payoff tower for wire rod uncoiling with diameter range from 6 mm to 16 mm

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Horizontal Wire Rod Pay-Off System “HPS”

Horizontal pay off system for uncoiling of the wire rod with diameters from 10 mm to 25 mm…

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Descaling / Stretching device “MDSTR”

Compact Unit including Descaling and Stretching Device…

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Vertical Pulling Block “DBB”

Vertical Pulling Block with double capstans to pull the wire through descaling/stretching device…

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Automatic Spooler “AVS”

Complete automatic spooling of the cold rolled / stretched / rebar in coil wire in fixed / collapsible spools…

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Horizontal Spooler “HS”

Horizontal Spooler for fixed or collapsible spools with manual loading / unloading of spools…

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Automatic Weighing / Strapping / Labeling Systems “WSL”

Full automatic system for tying and packaging of compact coils with weighing, strapping and labeling / printing devices…

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Automatic Spool / Coil Evacuation and Handling system “SEH”

Automatic coil / spool evacuation and handling devices composed of overhead tailor-made cranes and roll / chain conveyers…

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