“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”
Lao Tzu


Technical consultancy, on site and remote assistance, Spare parts, Retrofit and revamping, Reinstallation and start up

A complete range of services to help your business grow and gain new markets.
With more than three decades of experience, our skilled and experienced team can support you in Technical Consultancy, Improvement of Productivity and Final Quality, Efficiency and Performance and Spare Parts supply

Technical consultancy

A full satisfaction with the presence on-site and on line of a technical team to guarantee installation, after sales and spare parts services.

Improvement of productivity and final quality

SCHLATTER ITALIA with its on-site services can check and verify the production and final quality of products.
These activities can be done through the studies of production process, automation and technologies to be adopting to solve possible bottle-necks on plants.
SCHLATTER ITALIA have its own technologies to improve also the quality of final products with deep investigation starting from the raw material used passing through evaluation cold rolling/stretching processes and control and tests of finishing products.

Efficiency and performance

SCHLATTER ITALIA in collaboration with the Customers can check and study efficiency of the plant with the verification of all the activities that are taking place in and around the line. We take particular attention concerning the maintenance phases and the causes of the unplanned stops of the plant with the verify of a predictive maintenance system in order to reduce or control the stops and down time of the plant.

Spare parts

We can offer you consulting, manufacturing and delivery of spare parts on any kind of wire production machines and not only for our lines.